Motorcycle tyres for Sports, Sports Touring, Adventure, Enduro-Trials and Track at discount prices fitted to you motorbike while you wait* by our specialists who are all motorcycle riders

Motorcycle Tyres, Motorcycle MOT, Motorcycle Service, North Yorkshire.

We are North Yorkshire's No.1 Motorcycle Tyre Centre. Located in Bellerby, we are a short ride from the A1 at Richmond or Catterick. Better still, why not take a ride down Wensleydale through Hawes and Leyburn. With motorbike tyres from all the major manufacturers, we can fit while you wait* and fit the best tyre for you, your bike and riding style.

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Motorcycle ride-in ride-out tyre supply and fitting service at Automoto Racing.

 Ride-in-ride-out service

Clean, Modern Tyre fitting and workshop area at AMR Tyres, Bellerby, nr Leyburn, North Yorkshire

Modern tyre fitting equipment

Bridgstone Tyres at AMR Motorcycles

AMR supply tyres from all the leading motorcycle tyre manufacturers. Whatever motorcycle you ride we should be able to supply tyres to fit.

  • We carry a good stock of tyres for sports, sports touring, adventure, enduro-trials and track.
  • If we haven't got your tyre in stock, most are available within a day or so.
  • We offer a 'ride-in-ride-out' service and use the latest tyre fitting and balancing equipment.
  • You can be sure we will take great care with your wheels in our purpose built workshop.
  • Tubeless valves and a wheel balance are included with all new tyres fitted.
  • *Pre-book a time to suit you to ensure we have your tyres ready for you. Please ask about our special offers when booking.

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Metzeler tyres at Automoto Racing

Pirelli tyres at Automoto Racing

Continental tyres at Automoto Racing

Avon tyres at Automoto Racing
Dunlop tyres at Automoto Racing
Michelin tyres at Automoto Racing
Vee Rubber tyres at Automoto Racing
AMR guide to motorcycle tyres and the law:
1. The grooves in the tread pattern must have a minimum depth of at least 1mm.
This should be all the way round the tyre and across a minimum of 3/4* of the breadth of the tread area.  or...
2. Where the grooves of the original tread pattern do not extend beyond 3/4 of the breadth of the tread area (when new) then any groove should have a minimum depth of 1mm  or....
3. The base of any groove in the original tread pattern must be clearly visible.
This can mean for example, if a skid had worn away a localised area of the tyre, then the tyre should not be used if the base of any groove in the worn area is not clearly visible.

AMR Guide to tyre maintenance and use:
Running-in- During the first 60 Miles of operation after new tyres have been installed, the motorcycle should be ridden at moderate speed, and cornering angles should be increased progressively, until the tyre reaches its optimal performance.
Warm-up - During the first few miles of each ride, travel at moderate speed until the tyres achieve operating temperature and optimal grip.
Handling and storage - Tyres must be stored in dry, ventilated and temperature-controlled  conditions, protected from direct sunlight and inclement weather.
Away from all chemicals, solvents or hydrocarbons, which can adversely   affect the rubber mixture.
Away from sharp objects that can puncture the tyre, including metal, wood  or other potential hazards.
Away from heat sources or electrical devices.
Repairs - In the event of a puncture, only a professional tyre dealer has the expertise to conduct the internal and external inspections necessary to determine whether the tyre is repairable
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Manor Farm, Bellerby, Leyburn, N.Yorkshire DL8 5QH

tel: 01969 625 110
Bridgestone tyres at Automoto Racing